Remove Shadow Under Table Header

Does anyone know how to remove the shadow under the header of the table component? I have tried messing with a few of the props in all the various style object with no success.


You can either create a custom theme or use CSS injection to remove the drop shadow from the table you're looking at, or all tables in your project.

To use CSS Injection, create a Style class and place this in the background-color property:
} .psc-RemoveDropShadow .ia_table__headContainer, .ia_table__footContainer { box-shadow: unset !important }{

Then, on the table you wish to edit place the RemoveDropShadow class in the style.classes property

If you want this to apply to all tables in your project, you can change the injected CSS to:
} .ia_table__headContainer, .ia_table__footContainer { box-shadow: unset !important }{

Then you won't need to do the second step



Or the new stylesheet resource:

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patiently waiting for the stable release :pray:

Just as an FYI for future readers:
In my experience, if you put the code above in the stylesheet while using another style, it will also remove the background color. I used the snippet below instead and it maintains my background color while also removing the header/footer shadow.

.ia_table__headContainer, .ia_table__footContainer {
    box-shadow: none;