Remove some Ignition OPC-UA nodes?


We’re working to create a new Ignition module. This module adds differents forlder and variable nodes in the OPC-UA tree.

extract of code FolderNode newNode = new FolderNode(nodeAddress, nodeName, nodeDisplayName,nodeDescription); getNodeMap[().put(nodeAddress, newNode); root.addChild[(newNode);

We want to know if there is a way to dynamically remove some Ignition OPC-UA tree nodes ? :unamused:

Thanks :wink:

Not using the *Node you’ve found under the api.browsing package. Those aren’t used by any of our drivers and were only left in so as not to wreck any backwards compatibility.

Ultimately, you could control what is added and removed by using the NodeManager from DriverContext, removing nodes and references to those nodes that you no longer want to be in the address space.