Remove some tag's overrides

I would like to remove some tag’s overrides in order the tag properties come back to the udt definition.
Is it possible with system.tag.configure ? loke we can do with the tag editor with the small green/grey override balls.

If we provide a tag propertie to system.tag.configure this add an overrides, but I don’t find the synthax to remove this overrides ?

Removing an override is as simple as removing the key from the tag json dictionary.


basePath = '[default]Tag/Path'
tags = system.tag.getConfiguration(basePath=basePath,
# remove the history enabled override
system.tag.configure(basePath='/'.join(basePath.split('/')[:-1]), tags=tags)

Have you noticed that using this method of modifying a tag results in other tag properties showing as overridden even though they are not the intended target of the script? I’ve used the same method to override a tag and see strange results. See link to my previous post here. I’m on v8.0.5