Remove View Header

How can I disable the header for specific views?

I have been searching for this endlessly and haven't found anything in the documentations.

Are you talking about a Docked View? To selectively disable a Docked View, you need to place another Docked View on the same side which uses the SAME View as the one you want to "remove", and set the new one to use the following settings:
display: onDemand
handle: hide

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Thanks, I figured it out by using system.perspective.closeDock('header') in the startup script but I like your solution better!

This is not working for me. I tried this solution, and instead of taking the header out just for the selected view, it is disabling it for every view. What am I missing?

Don't do this in the "Shared" Page Configuration Settings area - do this for the specific Page Configuration you want to modify.