Removing Good_Provisional Tag History Data

Using 8.1.16, from both gateway and client scoped code, the tag history query is returning a single row at the end of the dataset with a quality value of 200 and a tag value that doesn't make sense which never makes it to the actual history database table. And I'd like it to stop, please. :slight_smile:

I've tried all combinations of flags and they all seem to add the same row. Is there one to Ignore Provisional Data? Or is there another option in the query code that I'm missing?

   Flags flags = Flags.of(TagHistoryQueryFlags.BOUNDING_VALUES_YES,


Below are my datasets from gateway code, client code, the raw sql table and the bound table. This happens when it is querying one tag. When using multiple tags, it has to mung row data together for the common time basis and it must have code to toss out the provisional rows. I'd like that option too.

I'm sure I could tell my code to also go Tall so I can rip through the dataset find the 200's or drop the last row or query two tags and just ignore the second (hokey), but there should be a flag or option to not return this provisional value in the first place.