Removing items from MES Manager

This will not work for me.
The children appear in removal; some duplicates, but removing them does not remove them and the children are also not visible. Cannot delete because of existing relationships.
The only thing I can do is change the name and try to make a new item. This is happening for Material definitions.
It seems like there isn’t a way to remove these items. Ignition 7.7.4

I am following the guide exactly.
I have duplicate items in my MES manager, and I’m not sure why but the definitions are dead on.

Error updating referenced object enabled state for MES Object UUID 013d9be8-ef1b-46e6-9a64-2f5f23a513c6
java.lang.Exception: MESObjectType is invalid.

I noticed that Station and Line are used interchangeably in the guide.
A station should be called a cell.