Removing protocol from use

Ignition Version 7.5.5 (b1255)
Java Version : Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_26
OS : Debian 6.0

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I have a setup with several (15+) AB 1400’s connecting over various links.
At times a link gets flaky and ignition has to reconnect to the PLC. During those reconnects it is possible for Ignition to fail with the EIP protocol (and as noted in the above thread) try to reconnect with the PCCC protocol.

The PCCC protocol never works.
In addition the lack of connection does not show up as a problem in Ignition. It just kind of hangs with no errors or warnings with a Quality of “Unknown”.

Is this a common issue with AB hardware? Should this protocol even be available for the 1400 platform? Are there people out there succesfully using PCCC with Ignition? I would apreciate a shout and any special configuration you had to create to get there.

In the short term I need to find way to disable the PCCC protocol on the PLC side or Ignition.
Alternatively I thougt of using a gateway script to check connections every few minutes and force a reconnect if it sees the PCCC protocol is being used.

Can someone provide a method or pointer that could get me going in the right direction?

Many thanks.

This is a known issue with 7.5.5 AB drivers
Support says upgrading to 7.5.12 will fix it.