Rename Ignition Default Tag Provider

My Ignition system now includes remote tag providers from some Edge installations. These remote providers are named according to their site location/customer, which is very helpful when browsing tags. I would like to rename the default tag provider to a similar naming format.

Besides scripts or project elements that reference the tag provider name, is there anything else that will break when I change the name? Will I have any problems with the historian?

Thanks for any help!

The historian should automatically update to the new name, although it might behoove you to take database and gateway backup(s) before going through with the move, just in case.

I did a test and it seems that the historian views the tags as new when the provider name is changed. It adds a new Driver ID to sqlth_drv and new Scan Class IDs to sqlth_scinfo, duplicates of the originals but with new Driver IDs.

Then new tags are added to the sqlth_te table that reference the added Scan Class IDs

When the Easy Chart references the tags from the renamed provider, it seems to only look for tags that match the new provider name. Treating the renamed provider as a completely new provider. Meaning that renaming providers breaks the historical connection.

I was able to fix the historical connection by renaming the tag provider back to the original name again.

Any suggestions on how to edit the database to get this to work?