Rename Nested Data Type Parent

I have a custom data type which contains a custom data type member but I cannot seem to change the nested data type’s parent after renaming the parent. For example, the data type Tank contains a member called LevelSetpoint which has a parent type of Setpoint. If I rename the data type Setpoint to SetpointBasic, then Tank.LevelSetpoint shows a yellow warning triangle under Parent Type with a dropdown listbox allowing the user to select the proper parent type. However, when I select SetpointBasic from the dropdown list, it changes the parent type of Tank instead of LevelSetpoint to SetpointBasic.

I am running v7.9.0. Is this a bug and if so, will it be addressed in an upcoming release? What would be the easiest/best way to rename a data type that is contained within other data types?

Can you export to XML, edit and re-import to fix it?

Yep, that’s what I ended up doing but wasn’t sure if that was the only way to fix it other than deleting the member and adding it back with the correct parent type.

I thought I might have been doing something wrong since the designer does provide a dropdown to change the parent type if it’s not found (renamed in my case).