Renamed and deleted folders in UDT definitions stay visible

I have a project for testing things and I found out that renaming or deleting folders seems to still leave the folders visible for when you want to add a new data type instance to your tags.

So this is when you do New Tag => Data type instance
Then it shows all renamed folders without any contents.
Is there any way to fix it?

What version are you on? I couldn't do this on 8.1.22.

My apologies for the late response.
I'm running 8.1.22

I can reproduce it by doing the following steps:

  1. Make a new folder 'Testfolder123' in UDT Definitions
  2. Make a UDT in the folder 'Test'
  3. Rename the folder to 'Testfolder'

Screenshots of the results:

Deleting the folder afterwards also still makes it show 'TestFolder' and 'TestFolder123' on the new data type instance.

So the flaw is that you can make UDT instances in the section for UDT definitions? Outside of a UDT definition?

The flaw is that when renaming or deleting a folder containing an UDT in the UDT definitions, you will still see the folder (empty) while wanting to add a UDT instance in the tags.

Ok. I replicated this. Looks like a bug. Clicking on the tag browser's refresh button didn't help. Restarting the tag provider fixed it (but is disruptive in production).

Yeah, I thought the issue was different based on your description. I just replicated it. I recommend you open up a support ticket with us to have an engineer take a deeper look to determine if we need to open up a bug ticket for it or not.