Renamed tag is not renamed in history

I created a tag that was configured with History enabled. When using the Perspective PowerChart, I was able to see that tag in the tag browser. I recently needed to change the name of that tag, but the PowerChart still only displays the old name of the tag. It does, however, show the up-to-date data that is being logged by the now renamed tag. Any idea how I can get the tag browser in the PowerChart to show the new name of the tag, and no longer display the old one?

CORRECTION: there is no longer data being logged for the old tag name (which makes sense), but the PowerChart does not display the new tag name in the tag browser. When I look in the database I can see data being logged for the new tag name.

ALSO: I tried deleting and recreating the tag, but it still does not show up in the tag browser. Also, the TagBroswerStartPath is at the top level, so it’s not getting filtered out because if that.

UPDATE: Without doing anything further, the tag with the new name is now in the tag browser. Go figure.