Renaming in designer

Is there a way to rename something in designer like a template and have it propagate through the project? If I rename anything in here then the IDE should update all of the target bindings. Right?

No, name changes don’t propagate, whether it’s through bindings or script package naming, because almost everything is stored as Strings one place or another, whereas most IDEs store almost everything as references to Classes or objects/methods.

Think of an IDE, and suppose you had a String like

var = "I used PackageName.method() for this."

If you renamed PackageName.method to something else, the String wouldn’t update.

Is there any plan to implement this? Or is there a convention that circumvents this? I would just like to be able to clean up my project so that when I come back to look at it again in the future I will have more descriptive names.

You can use the Find/Replace tool we provide (Edit > Find/Replace) to replace found instances of the Template name, but you’ll need to be careful while doing so; blind replacement could lead to undesirable consequences.

As far as implementing this:
Nope. It would require a re-write of the entire platform and a change to how a majority of the resources are stored. It would also lead to massive backwards-incompatibility for users who upgrade as their projects would need to be wholly converted.