Renaming report keys

Running an older version of Ignition, version 7.2.

We have a vision project running a transaction group every second when trigger is active. We are keeping track of a temperature among other things. It is going into a column of the DB with a that column called "FurnaceResidentTemp". We now want to change the source temperature going into the FurnaceResident Temp column of the database. I changed it in the transaction group to work with the existing column in the DB. The question I have is on the reporting side. Below are two screenshots of the report. In the first one you can see FurnaceResidentTemp as the pen for Burnout report. I would like to change the pen name which on the report is coming from the 'key' name. The second screenshot shows the Keys tab open where you can see the FurnaceResident key coming from FurnaceData table.
Is there a way to change the FurnaceResidentTemp pen description on the report or is it tied directly to the database column name so the only way to change it would be to change the column name in the DB? Or is it possible to change the key name and still tie it to that FurnaceResidentTemp DB item? I feel like this can be done with newer versions of Ignition but is it possible in version 7.2 and if so how would I do it?

Your screenshots are too small to be remotely usable, but...

Just alias the column in the query? SELECT someColumn as "SomeOtherName" FROM someTable.

My bad on screenshot size. The query is SELECT * and was hoping to still use that query instead of having to redo the entire thing to pull the data. Bottom line is can the key name be changed, is the key name being pulled directly from the DB?

    someColumn AS "SomeOtherName" 
FROM someTable

You'll get two of the same column: one with the original column name, someColumn, and one with the alias, SomeOtherName.

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Ah, thats true. Am I right that the pen name on the report as seen on the screenshot is pulled directly from the DB? First time I am dealing this old of an Ignition version.


I'm pretty sure that's correct, yes. That is, it's the column name from the dataset, whatever that ends up being.

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One other question. If I were to replace the query pulling the data would the key show up as FurnaceControlTemp instead of FurnaceResidentTemp automatically or would I have to redo the actual key portion of the report to use FurnaceControlTemp instead of FurnaceResidentTemp?

You'll probably have to reconfigure the report a bit as well, to swap to the new key(s).

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Figured that would work. I even ran the dB query browser to confirm it worked and it did. It created the FurnaceControlTemp column with duplicate values from FurnaceResidentTemp. I then changed the query on the report and I did see the extra FurnaceControlTemp column. I changed the graph keys to show the FurnaceControlTemp instead of the FurnaceResidentTemp key and only the FurnaceResidentTemp key produced any values. Very perplexed.

Here is my original query followed by my altered query that worked in the browser but not in the report.



Here are the screenshots of the keys for the graphs: