Rendering speed/data speed in embedded view in Perspective

Bear with me on this question, as it is kind of difficult to describe the situation.

I have a view that contains a dropdown menu and an embedded view component. The path in the embedded view component is bound to the value of the dropdown. When a value is selected in the dropdown, I turn the position.display parameter on the embedded view component to True, and the view renders. Also, when a value is selected, I use a message handler to send the selection to the embedded view (the view not the embedded view component). The message handler uses the selection to run a couple of queries, grab some data from a tag, and then update some formatting based on the data (colors, etc.). All of these actions are updating fields values in the embedded view.

Currently, when this is run, the data doesn’t render in the view. Only some borders that I have around components are showing. I can get it to render by importing time and adding sleep into the message handler script, but based on what I have read, that doesn’t seem ideal. It seems to me like this is some sort of issue between the view rendering speed and the data calculation speed. It seems the view is not rendering fast enough for the data. Has anyone else seen this as an issue with rendering speed? And does anyone know of way to check to see if a view is fully rendered?

(I think) This is the problem, you are sending the message before the embedded view is loaded, which means it never gets the message. It would be better to provide the data through a view param instead.

Not quite possible i believe, the gateway does not know about the state of a browser