Repeat Alarm Notification with Updated Values

Hey folks,

I'm aiming to have alarms re-notify after a time delay if still active in the pipeline. However, we're hoping the tag's analog value or associated analog values will reevaluate between notifications, so the operator gets a value-current notification. I don't believe this is the default behavior or necessarily supported and I feel like we'll need to inject a new alarm into the pipeline to make it happen. Any tips or tricks I am overlooking, or advice for putting this together?

Much appreciated.

Could use a custom parameter(Accociated data) on the alarm, with the path/paths you want to check.
Then use this path in the "Set Property Block" (tag(path) or script block(system.tag.readBlocking(), and then write that value to an internal tag in the alarm pipeline.

Then use this value in the message you send out.


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Thank you for the reply! That's an interesting idea, I'll have to give it a shot and see if I can get it working.