Repeat an alarm mail notification every day

Hi all,
I have a Data Types with 6 tags all of them related with an alarm with mail notification (It sends a mail if the value stay under treshold for more than 2 hours).
It works fine, but one of this alarm stay High for a lot of days and I need to send a reminder to users every 24 hours (if the alarm is always high obviously).
It deals with a filter in a circuit (so physically, if you don’t clean the filter, the alarm can’t go low).
I can I set this condition?
Thank you

You can setup a separate alarm pipeline for this type of alarm. Have a look at this page.

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Thank you for your help, but this solution is the same to set this part in alarming configuration?

Yes, those settings would be the same. Those tell ignition when the alarm should be active. The pipeline is what tells ignition to do about an active alarm.