Repeat Component with table field

I am trying to use the Template Repeater component to repeat a LED Display component in a template. I am binding the repeat behavior to the number of rows in a data table. I want each LED Display to display a value of a field for each row of the dataset, so the first row will have the value of the field “field1” where “rowID=1”, the second row value of “field1” where “rowID=2” and so on. I know the query but I don’t know how to bind it automatically to each template.
Something similar is done in the tutorial video of the template repeater (without the database).

Thanks in advance.

If these values are coming from a database, then the best solution may be to set the Repeat Behavior to dataset mode, then add a SQL Query binding to the Template Parameters parameter of the template repeater. This query can bring back all of the values needed, and will create one template instance for every row returned. The template parameters will be set by the field values in their respective rows, provided that the db table’s column names match the template’s parameter names.

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hi Adam,

Thanks for the replay. I already have one template for each row, the problem is that each repeated template (LED Display) is showing the same value, and i don’t know how to make each LED show a different value/row.

I found the solution, it was just changing the name.