Repeat Email Notifications with Tag Values

Good day,

I have 10 temperature sensor in the plant – all have alarms settings with setpoint of 32 deg C.

If any one of the sensors exceeds 32 deg C for 5mins, we send an email notification to all our Supervisors via Pipeline6, indicating a heat break for production staff.
Along with the Alert, we also have an expression setup to send the actual temperature value of the sensor along with the alarm.

From here – if the any of the 10 sensors becomes active – send an email, further, if any one alarm stays active for two hours, resend the notification, along with it’s new temperature value.

Is this possible, having grouped all 10 sensors into the same pipeline? Do I need unique pipelines for each sensor.

It took some time to figure out how to drop alerts after they cleared, now I’m basically stuck on how to update the actual value.