Repeatedly calling chart charts

How to repeatedly call chart charts, similar to operating records。thanks

Hi chen_zhe,
It looks like when you reopen the popup, it pulls up the last tab that you have clicked on.

hi emma
i use sql server selectd the chart table ,but the sqltable "T_time" is (bigint),how can i invert to (datetime),so i can Query the data by time


my english is not verywell,could you help me the BIGINT to DATETIME in vision

all the data on the one table,i want to Query the data by time

Hi chen_zhe,

It looks like your are using the SQL query on your component binding. I recommend using the Tag history binding instead. It could do the Datetime format automatically for you. You could check out this user manual link here.

I want to make a template, all analog quantities only need this one CHART to read his own historical data, with the history history seems to be unable to do, can only read from the database.

Hi chen_zhe,

What is the type of Database you are querying data from? You could find more information on converting timestamp to DateTime format in this link.