Repeating Alarms

I have a situation with alarms.

Today I had a dying sensor I was monitoring. Randomly throughout the day it would sputter and die. It could be twice a minute or it could be once an hour. I also got 20 emails today because of these alerts.

I have tried putting the alarms into manual acknowledge mode, but it will generate a new alert regardless if it has been acknowledged.

Is there a way to stop alerts from being generated if it has not been acknowledged?

I am using version 7.5.3



I will take this as a no.

The new version has a shelving function, which would probably work in that situation.

Outside of that, you could write the .AlertExecEnabled of the tag off, or you could add something like this in the group expression.

{[ITEM_PATH]} like '%your/tag%' && (1=0)

with the &&(1=0) in the expression it wont send out emails any longer.

With Ignition 7.6’s new alarming features there are about a dozen different ways to accomplish things like this.

One of the most basic would be to use an active-delay deadband. You could also use a consolidated notification block. Or you could dynamically disable the alarm by binding it to something you controlled. Or you could put it in a pipeline with a delay block before the notification block, and have the pipeline dropout when acknowledged.