Repeating Description in First Page of Report Viewer

Hey Guys,

In the report Viewer, when I had given some descriptive data in first page and added a table at the bottom of the page, I observed that the Descriptive data in first page of Report viewer is repeating in all pages and only the rows of table data are changing in different pages…Can any one help to hold the description data limited to given page and to stop repeating the Data, so that I can save the pages while printing the Report.


You need to put the descriptive text into the “First Only” table header. (Left click on “Standard” to get a menu to add other types). Lookup “row versioning” in the manual.

Unfortunately, if you also have column headings that you want repeated on every page, you won’t be able to use a structured table and it can get a bit fiddly to make them line up. A subtable would be one way to fix this, but that requires you to give the report a nested dataset, which isn’t easy to work with.

Hope this helps.