Replace ASC Process Systems Oven software with Ignition

We have an older oven from ASC Process Systems. It uses Opto 22 for I/O. The HMI and control is done with ASC’s own PC-based software. I’d be interested in putting in an A-B PLC and using Ignition to create the HMI, but we’d want the same look and feel as the ASC interface. Are there any integrators that have already done this?

OK, how about Ignition integrators with oven experience?

Just how big a system is this?

Also, some of us around here have a wide variety of experience, which may overlap ovens, like furnaces and power generation and chemical processing and kilns and …

We actually have three ovens needing controls upgrades. Physically, they’re largish, big enough for a missile 1st or 2nd stage to cure. The largest one is probably 40 feet in length.

Previous Ignition experience doing oven control, recipe handling, datalogging, etc. would go a long way towards helping management feel comfortable going with someone other than ASC to do the upgrade.

The physical size of the oven isn’t the question, it’s the size of the control system. Example, how much IO and how many HMI screens would be a good start.

We are currently using ASC Process Systems Oven software for our heat oven. This software is far more than we need, and is expensive to maintain. We can replace it with Inductive Automation’s Ignition.