Replace Error on UDT OPC Path

Search result ‘[default]types/Old/E_Nickel/UDT_MS/FLT/NON_CRIT_STATUS.opcItemPath’ is not a String

Good day,

I am receiving this error after I try to replace the OPC Path Device Name on my UDT tags.

We changed our device name after we started a project which in turn made all of our tags in the designer no longer work because of the path change. Essentially I thought I could just find replace in the OPC path name but it is not looking like I can do this.

Aside from recreating all of my UDTs, is there an easier way to “replace” the OPC path name? For Example:

Instead of : ns=1;s=[Old]Program:{StationName}.RECIRC_PUMP.CATALOG_NUM

I want: ns=1;s=[New]Program:{StationName}.RECIRC_PUMP.CATALOG_NUM


This is likely a more complicated bug on our side, but in the short term to fix you could probably just export your tags to JSON, find & replace in a text editor, then re-import over the top of your tags.

Okay thanks I will give that a try!