Replace Tag Consuming Provider with Remote Provider

I have a gateway (7.9.6) that is setup with a Tag Consuming Provider to an External Tags Provider that belongs to another gateway (7.9.6).

My question is if I want to change the Tag Consuming Provider to a Remote Tag Provider can I just delete the Tag Consuming Provider and setup a Remote Tag Provider with the same name? Will all references still work if I use the same exact name? Even if it is on several projects as the default tag provider?

No direct experience (have not used a Tag Consuming Provider), but I would guess yes. You can test this pretty quick:

  1. Setup your new Remote Tag Provider and confirm it’s working.
  2. Rename your Tag Consuming Provider x_old or something like that.
  3. Rename your Remote Tag Provider to the original Tag Consuming Provider name.

If it works, great; if not, revert the names.

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Good idea. Let me do a test on another server first.