Replaced PC running edge and now I cannot view my edge tags from my central gateway

I have a few edge gateways setup on some PCs, they are all setup as realtime tag providers to a central gateway. After upgrading one of the edge PCs I can no longer view or edit the tags from my central gateway. I have gone through the gateway network settings on both ends and approved the certificates from the new PC.

My swap process was to create a gateway backup on the old edge PC, transfer the license then restore the gateway backup to the new edge PC, approve the new gateway network connections . Are there some steps I am missing to get this connection restored?

Right now when I am in the designer in a central project under the tag browser when I click the dropdown and select this edge provider I get an error “com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.gateway_interface.GatewayException: java.lang.SecurityException: Security settings do not allow access to tag provider ‘edge’.”

I have tried disabling the edge provider at my central gateway and re-enabling it. When I disable the edge provider from my Central gateways realtime tag providers it disappears from my central tag browser dropdown and shows up when I re-enable it so that seems to be working. Should I delete the edge tag provider on my central gateway and re-create it? The naming convention is the exact same so I don’t think I should have to do this. On my edge gateway the ‘service security’ default policy has been modified so in the tag access section I have everything set to ‘ReadWriteEdit’ and this configuration had been running for months on the old PC.

Any ideas? TIA

Check security zones. Depending on how zones are defined, it’s possible your replacement Edge gateway is not falling into the expected security zone.

I have the default security zones on my edge and central gateways.

The problem turned out to be a licensing problem with the MQTT transmission module. I had to reinstall that module.

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