Replacing server: do i need a matching name to retain tag history DB?

I’m in the process of building a replacement for an existing Ignition gateway. I’m not doing in-place upgrade to get rid of cruft that has built up on the system and to bump to a newer release of the Linux distro.

I initially restored a backup in disabled mode, and was enabling components like DB connections one at a time. I wanted to test as much as possible before shutting off the old server and pushing this into use.

However, when I did the initial restore, I also changed the gateway name from blah-ignition1 to blah-ignition2. Just now, I had the realization that historical tags appear to be stored relative to the server name they came from.

Will this server with a new name be able to seamlessly access and keep adding to history that was stored by the server with the old name, or do they need to match?

If you leave it at the same name until it’s enabled, you can then rename and the tag historian will update the stored name in sqlth_drv automatically. You could also change the name (while disabled) and update the records in sqlth_drv manually; they should figure themselves out once you start.

So, during a time period when both servers are disabled and I’m actively switching between servers, do something like:

UPDATE sqlth_drv SET name = 'blah-ignition2' WHERE name = 'blah-ignition1;

Sounds simple enough. :crossed_fingers:

Can you think of any other gotchas like this around renaming a gateway that might bite me in the butt?


Nothing that readily occurs to me. GAN and tag historian are the two main things that care about gateway names.

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