Replacing some legacy software movable rectangle notes with Ignition

Replace legacy software interfaces that are using movable rectangles with hyperlinks and notes on them.
I am hoping that I can learn how and replace one or two in the next 6 months.

Examples of some legacy software I want to replace with Ignition:

Things I think I can do:
Cmallonee and KGamble showed me ways to manually move objects on a canvas I think.

View Canvast 8.1
This video showed me how static objects can be animated on the view canvas.

Things I think I don't know yet:
Scaling for multiple static notes
Duplicating notes dynamically
Deleting notes
Not sure how to create the instances of a template view for the rectangles in a canvas

Speculation without experience:
There is a way to make dictionary for making multiple, duplicating, and deleting the positions.

My current step
I think for a template view for the rectangles:
Flex containers with labels with bindings
A dataset to bind to
Buttons that modify the dataset

Is there a simpler way?