Replacing tags

I am attempting to relace a few tags with other tags. This is probably a simple scripting command but I can’t seem to find it. For example, when I press a button I want tags 1,2,3, and 4 to be replaced with tags 5,6,7, and 8.


are you talking about taking the values from those tags and putting them in the other tags or actually replacing the tag paths on a component or renaming the tags to different names?

I need to replace the tag path tied to a component. When I navigate to a “change” screen I want certain tags to be tied to the components on that screen. And when I navigate to the same “change” screen using a different button, it will bring it’s own tags along with it.

I believe I need something along these lines:
but to change the “replace” and “system.tag.writeToTag” with the appropriate swap commands

value = ‘AF Chamber Pressure’
system.tag.writeToTag(“Memory Tags/1”, value)

replace = “Tags/Global/AF_Chmbr_Prs/SP_active”
system.tag.writeToTag(“Memory Tags/2”, replace)

replace = “Tags/Global/AF_Chmbr_Prs/SP_req”
system.tag.writeToTag(“Memory Tags/3”, replace)

Thanks for the help.

This is the type of Parameter I am trying to recreate in Ignition.

! Parameter files are used with graphic displays to specify the tags a
! display uses at runtime. The parameter file is passed to the graphic
! using the /P option of the Display command.
! Syntax:
! #replacement=tagname
! Example:
! #23=A_COLOR
! #23 in any expression in a graphic would be replaced by the tag A_COLOR.

yes you want to use indirects … /ignition/

also you can look at some of the ignition training videos on the website, but I think you will need to get a password from your account rep.

also youtube has a few examples