Replying to topic crashes forum?

Since yesterday whenever I click on reply I can type out a post, but when I click on submit it hangs and I can’t browse anything else on the forum until I close my internet browser or wait about 15 minutes. Let’s see if it happens on a new post as well or if it’s just when replying.


edit: may have just been coincidence, though that did happen to me once as well at the end of yesterday.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but whenever I try to reply to a topic that was posted before the site crashed yesterday (such as this one … 70&t=15790) then it will hang on me. But when I reply to this topic which I created today, everything is fine?

Actually, it let’s me do it as long as I’m replying with something simple, but when I try to reply with the text in the attached file, that’s when it crashes, I’m copying/pasting it from notepad++

Yep, the web team is working on it…