Report Barcode on One Page Only

I have a barcode setup in a report. If the report is longer than one page, it prints the barcode on every page. is there a way to limit it to the first page only? I’m trying to eliminate double scans, I have some code to check and see if the current scan is equal to the last scan, but I still had a couple of double scans get through despite this.

Depends on what your report configuration is, but can you put your barcode into a ‘header’ or ‘footer’ row of the table that’s wrapping to multiple pages?

Yes, I have parent table with 5 peer tables in it. They can sometimes wrap to 2 or 3 pages. I’d rather have the barcode at the bottom of the page, but there is no way to figure out which peer table summary to drop the barcode in to have it at the bottom of page 1 since they are dynamic. The only option is to put it in the header of peer table 1 I guess