Report - bindings on report component

is this possible on reporting? because I want to manipulate the width based on available data samples, thanks!

The Width property expects a number but your binding is returning text.
How is that supposed to work?

ahh sorry its a data source that calculating the max width/number of samples, I'm using it on simple table, its working on rectangle shape but on simple table its not


Show your binding and how it is generating "test" as the output.

hi sir, here

see this example, its working on rectangle component (shape) but not on simple table :melting_face:

Sorry, I don't think I can help with this.

Tip: don't assume everyone on the forum is a 'sir'. :slightly_smiling_face:

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all goods, oops my bad!

It's entirely possible the simple table just doesn't actually evaluate this binding, due to a bug.

Hi, is it a bug also on the latest version?

Appears to be a bug that does affect the current version. I made a ticket for it.

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