Report - Broken Tag History Query

I’m trying to use a tag historian data source in a report, but the query just returns hundreds of rows with the exact same timestamp and value. When I run system.tag.queryTagHistory() or trend the tag history with an Easy Chart on the same tag path, I can successfully access the data from the tag historian. In the report panel I’ve tried all the Sample Size options, tried using both historical and realtime, etc, but every time, the query either returns a chunk of rows with the exact same timestamp and value or no data at all.

Is this a bug within the reporting data querying backend or am I missing something?

Sounds like you are over-qualifying your data keys in your report layout. Use just @columnName@ in the rows.
{ Dragging from the key browser fully qualifies them IIRC, which yields the first row. }

Thanks for the quick help, that worked. Weird that dragging and dropping would do that, but easy enough to deal with now.