Report chart in grouped row

I'm trying to put several charts into a table using the grouping feature of the table (not a table group). This (very old) IU video describes very close to what I'd like to do, but I'd like to do it in 8.1.17.

My dataset looks like this:

GroupingName time [datetime] value [float]
Machine 1 '2024-01-01' 1.0
Machine 1 '2024-02-01' 1.5
Machine 1 '2024-03-01' 1.2
Machine 2 '2024-01-01' 2.0
Machine 2 '2024-02-01' 2.5
Machine 2 '2024-03-01' 2.2

I'd like a separate chart for each machine, and I'm struggling to get there. Is this still possible in 8.1 using grouping within a table, or do I need to write a script that turns my single dataset into a parent and several child datasets to use in a table group?

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