Report chart not working in nested query

I want to present the data as follows: Table 1 will show information about 'Equipment 1' along with 'Chart 1,' while Table 2 will display data about 'Equipment 2' along with 'Chart 2.' I have formulated nested queries for this purpose. When I use the data key associated with the parent query for the table, and the data key linked to the nested query for the chart, both charts end up displaying identical data. Alternatively, if I employ the data key from the nested table for both the table and the chart, I face the issue of 'No data available.'


But in the preview getting different data for each graph




Hi John,

To further troubleshoot your issue, do you mind sending a screenshot of the data tab of your report so that I can see the queries in question? It sounds like the nested query isn't making any changes to the original query so it would be helpful to see the formula to know what output to expect.

It is also good to keep in mind that order matters As mentioned on the Report Data page, the order of Data Sources determines which parameters and data sources they may reference.

This document would also provide helpful information regarding Nested Queries.

It may also help to open a support ticket with our Support team here at Inductive Automation.

US Phone: 1-800-266-7798
International: 1-916-456-1045

Presented below is the screenshot of the Data tab from the report.

  1. Details

  2. Header Details

  3. Common Parameters

  4. Analytics

I am facing a similar issue to what the original post describes. I have a nested query that is the data source for a table group. In one of the child tables there is a time series chart in the header of the table.
I have 4 equipment and I want to display the the equipment information along with the time series trend but the time series trend in the child table is repeating the same values of the initial equipment for all four equipment when the data key for the child table is same as that of the parent table and the data key of the chart is the child query. If the data key of the child table and the chart within it is configured to be the child query then the chart is not populated with any data.
Other child tables are getting populated by correct data. It is just the charts that I am facing this issue with.
Any help or suggestions on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks!