Report chart scripting

I am new to report. I was using a Vision client tag as type dataset in creating chart. Now i want to use that chart dataset in one of the report creation. Can you guide me how i can directly assign?
I have checked for the scripting option. But i am not sure the syntax or how to assign the dataset over there.

The report generator runs in the gateway, so it has no access to Vision Client Tags, as those are purely Client scope. You’ll have to pass the dataset through a report parameter, bound via the Report Viewer to the client tag. Or read the client tag in a script to pass it to the* functions.

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Thank you ptrumel,

  1. I have checked* functions. It is not working in my system.
  2. I have linked in report Viewer. Thank you for your suggestion. It helped me to create a chart. But it is not able to work in my dynamic dataset (dynamic rows and dynamic columns) to table. My report is having chart and table in a page. Which I am not sure how to do.

The report system doesn’t support a dynamic number columns in tables, that I’ve seen. @KathyApplebaum?

That matches my recollection.