Report copy/paste issue

Ignition 7.8.0 b2015101414
Gateway Java 1.8.0_65 on Win Server 2012R2
Designer Java 1.8.0_66 on Windows 7

In the Report Designer, on a table header, I have a static Text object. When I select it and press Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, instead of another text object with the same contents and formatting, I get a default text box with what looks like the XML for the object as its text.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <alist> <text x="5" y="6" width="110" height="72" valign="middle"> <font name="Consolas Bold" size="10" /> <color value="#ffffff" /> <string>Covers&#10;@StartDate@&#10;to&#10;@EndDate@</string> <format type="date" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" null-string="&lt;N/A&gt;" /> <format type="number" pattern="#0.##" null-string="&lt;N/A&gt;" /> </text> </alist>

Ctrl-Drag doesn’t work, and there is no right click menu, so I can’t try any other methods for copy/pasting (the ctrl-drag for duplicate would be good to have here as well).

Just another minor gripe, I appreciate the work you guys do so I want to help improve if I can.

I can’t replicate this on my Mac in 7.8.0 or 7.8.1. I’ve asked QA to see if they can replicate in Windows.

QA wasn’t able to replicate this on Windows, either. Your best bet is to call in to support and have them watch what you’re doing so we can figure out how to replicate this.

Will do, thanks