Report Creation Inefficient

I just created my first Report In ignition.
I have a lot of tags already doing OEE in the PLC and I am putting these tags into a Report PDF for the line to be sent out by the PLC.

Aligning imported tags and making them fit where I want in the report was very touchy.
Typically HMI interfaces allow you to align several selections to the same vertical height with a click of a button.

I spent a lot of time slightly bumping text with tiny adjustments to make the text/values line up with other text in the report. It is very tedious.

In the designer of the report, it also gives the full tag name. Other softwares typically put in NN.NNN for a float value. The only way I could see the NN.NNN format was going over and clicking the preview. Then I kept going back and forth, back and forth adjusting the placement by guessing width of the text and making slight adjustments.

I also spend a lot of extra time putting the tags into the report. The tags had to have their datatype selected, but I could not view tags and open the report at the same time. I knew which values were boolean, reals, and ints so it was not too bad, but my ocd likes to compare my tag datatypes with my report datatypes. (i just used snipping tool and opened up a spare picture while doing this.

To do this more efficiently I probably need to have less tags in the report. Put the tags into the database, and query the information I need in a table.

I am curious if other people have the same issue? Is there some obvious tool I am missing that solves the above problems?

Found it

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