Report Data Collection Error Pop Up Function


I manages to close my data collection error pop up while in the report Preview tab. Having issues with a dataset and must have closed the data collection error pop up. any idea where I can get this pop up to return so I may review the errors.

Thank You

If you clicked off it, it might be behind your designer.

I didnt think of that but no it doesnt appear to be hiding behind any windows or screens within designer. There was a down arrow on the upper right hand corner of the pop up and it went down but no where can I see how to get it back up.

Thank You

Not within the designer, but behind it or otherwise minimized. It is an application-equivalent window. If you did in fact close it, it will come back with the next error.

Sorry should have mentioned that both in and outside of designer the pop up is not showing. Only reason I am searching for it is my data output from the SQL script is not showing via CSV export but manually running the SQL query the data appears ok.

Exiting Designer and re opening doesn’t have any effect as well.


This is from a report? You should know that reports run in the gateway, so any script in the report will not be able to save in your client or at a designer. Share more of your details.

Sorry sir , I had to step away. But yes this was in the designer under report setup. In the end I found there were issues with data in the database. A duplicate SQL production record was created created causing the report to stop displaying certain data. Running the query manually warranted no issues at first glance. It is resolved now and thank you for assisting me with this issue.