Report DataSet Table

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I have a dataset in a client tag that I would like to display it on the report section… so the user can print out with a button and with a really nice format

The dataset is something that I’m building and is not coming from a query

I cant find the option to do the binding from my dataset to the table

Any help is really appreciated it



Look at the script data source option of the report and build the dataset there, not in a Client Tag. Reports are actually generated in the gateway and cannot read a client tag. It is supposed to be possible to use a dataset parameter to pass one back from the client, but your mileage may vary. /-:

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Reports are executed and built on the gateway, so you don’t have access to client tags’ values.


You can’t use client tags directly in a report, because reports are generated in the gateway.

What you’ll need to do is use your client tag to override an existing parameter for your report in either the report viewer or through


Thank you very much for the prompt answer. I was not aware of that

This is an example of the script that I have

myEndpoint = ''
results =
decodedDict = system.util.jsonDecode(results)
data = []
headers = ["userId", "id"]
for i in decodedDict:
	userIDVar = i['userId']
	IdVar = i['id']
	oneRow = [userIDVar, IdVar]

dataset= system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, data)

I don’t have clear how to fill the table on the report designer

Could you explain to me or is there any documentation/guidance that I can read?

Thank you


You’ll probably also find the free IU courses on reporting datasources and reporting tables helpful. Go to, click on reporting and then watch the videos for the appropriate topics. They’re all short and to the point, so definitely worth your while. :slight_smile:

Thank you Kathy,
Before created this post, I saw all of those videos and didn’t find an answer to this question : (

Again, thanks for the links