Report design issues with tableGroup and nestedQueries


I am trying to build a report with a tableGroup and nestedQueries.
In fact, I have to select IDs from my table “Affaires”, then for those IDs, I need to select all actions, from the “Actions” table. Finally, I need to retrieve parameters and values from the “Parameters” table.
What I am trying to have in the final report is one table per action and within all the parameters about this action.
I let you see my screenshots below, but my parameters are not listed, only the first one “repere” whereas for some, there are at least 7 of them !
I’ve tested my SQL queries, and they work fine.
I tried two different methods : one with three layers in the table group, but there are only “<N/A>” times the number of lines. Moreover, when I try to add a Grouping key in the third tab, I always get “The key choose is not a sub-key of this tables…”. It means that my third layer isn’t valid, is it ? Maybe one of the reason, but I can’t get it right. Does nested queries are limited to 2 layers or am I just delusional ?


, and one with only two and putting the parameters values into “Actions Details”, only the first parameter is printed :

I hope that it is clear enough and my screenshots will be helpful.
Any help will be appreciated !

I’ve finally managed to get everything but I had to stay with a 2 layers nested query. It means that I have bigger queries with lot of joins but still easier to work with than a single one !