Report Designer bar chart

How do you get the data to populate in the bar chart?

Use the Data property on the left hand side… Take a look at the manual for more information.

I Have my data key setup with my query label. But still no data. It shows up with no data on preview.

By ‘no data on preview’ do you mean there’s no data in the XML on the right side of the preview screen? If so, that means the problem is your data source, so you’ll need to figure out what you’ve done wrong there. If there is data in the XML and it’s not showing in the bar chart, the problem is the way you’ve configured the bar chart.

I have 1 sql query bring back 1 record, I can put that data key in a simple table and get my value but not with the bar chart.

You’ll need to work with support on this. You have something misconfigured, and that’s not something we can troubleshoot on the forum.