Report Designer causing crash

Version 7.8.0 64bit

After working on a report for about 15min the report designer locks up and I am forced to kill the designer. This has happened more than once and is repeatable.

When this happens, check the memory used vs max down in the lower right corner. I’d be surprised if you aren’t just about out of memory.

Reports use a ton of memory (especially long complicated ones), and garbage collection doesn’t always keep up. The two things that will help are allocating more memory than the Designer’s default, and using a machine with plenty of cores.

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I have the exact same issue. predictably crashes after about 15 min and have to restart the designer. Once I did get a report running the gateway server crashed a few hours later. This happened 3 times and was repeatable. Deleted reports and have discontinued trying to use the reporting module for now. No more issues. Are there any updates to the reporting module planned for the next release? If so when is next release scheduled?

There are a lot of updates for the reporting module in 7.8.1, and -rc1 is expected to be up EOW.

That said, what you’re saying doesn’t sound right or familiar. When you get a chance, can you turn all the reporting loggers to TRACE, try again, and call in to support? Something odd is going on in your set up, because I have yet to see reporting crash a gateway.

Just to be clear. AFAIK my issue only ever resulted in a designer crash no gateway crashes. Giving the designer more memory, gained me nothing.

I am experiencing the same issue in designer. Memory usage was 470 / 490 MB the last time. Note CPU on both cores was around 100%. I was able to exit designer, by waiting several minutes.

I also just noticed that after closing a report memory usage did not go down, and when I tried to open the report to continue editing, it would not open. The edit symbol next to the report name appeared, but no designer. Memory usage was 329 / 455 MB. Note, I could open and edit windows and templates.

After editing a couple of templates, the memory usage went down, and I again tried to open the report and it worked.

Heybales, I would definitely recommend upping the designer memory if you’re doing anything with reporting. As you can see, you got pretty close to your max, and the JVM was desperately using all its resources to do garbage collection. More memory (and if possible more cores) gives you more breathing room.