Report Designer Custom Component NPE

So, I’ve been experimenting with the multiple dependency behavior @Kevin.Herron explained to me a few weeks ago, with what I thought would be an easy test: adding NoteChart to the reporting subsystem when it is present, even if Vision is not present for the rest of the module.

{ Skip adventure story on the difficult-to-subclass AbstractXYChart class… }

Anyways, I have an alpha that builds. It registers in the designer and shows up in the palette. I drag it onto a page and … nada. No errors, just doesn’t show up at all.

Poke around with logging levels, determined quickly that reporting.ReportMill is noisy as hell, but noticed this one:

17:54:36.072 [AWT-EventQueue-0] DEBUG reporting.ReportMill.RMTool - Could not create new instance for Tool

Which I presume means my component is blowing up somehow. But it must be before my constructor ever runs (its WARN logger never fires).

Ideas? @KathyApplebaum, maybe?

Edit: That odd NPE shows up precisely when I release the mouse to drop, fwiw.

Does your reporting component has a no-arg constructor? You’re dragging and dropping on to the page, I assume?

That error message is bad :grimacing:

It does. And a factory for the config panel.

With a little inside help, I was able to narrow it down, and discovered a class initialization race. (:

Now, I’m debugging the config/properties panel. Much breakage. ):