Report designer dynamic properties 'isvisible'

In designing a report, I would like to make an object invisible when a key string is null.
According to the Dynamic Example section here: … sermanual/
the isVisible property should be able to do that with an expression like
thisstring <> “”
thisstring <> ‘’
@thisstring@ <> “”
etc, but none of these seem to work.


Help me better understand what you’re trying to do.

Do you simply want nothing displayed in a cell of a table?

Or is there some report element, such as a table or graph, that you want to make visible or invisible based on the NULL value?

There is report element, such as a table or graph, that I would like to visible or invisible based on whether a string is NULL or not. If the string is NULL, I would like the element to be invisible. If the string is not NULL, then display the object.

Sorry, figured it out. The format is
thisstring != “”
Thank you for your consideration.

edit - you did it. Here’s a way if the condition is outside the report.

  1. In the report customizer, near the bottom of the screen, click the blue database looking icon to modify Dynamic Properties for the report.
  2. Create a boolean dynamic property called visibility (for example)
  3. Select the component you want to be (conditionally) invisible
  4. On the right, click the icon that looks like a checklist (between the rulers and clock)
  5. Under Property Expressions, highlight isVisible.
  6. In the text box below, type the name of your property (visibility), then hit enter.
  7. You should see that name in the table. (You don’t need the “@” substitution signs - it does it for you on that table).
  8. Click OK to close the report customizer.
  9. In the FPMI designer, select your report. You will see the your new dynamic property visibility. You can now bind this to whatever expression you’d like.