Report designer - dynamicaly toggle the pareto

i came across a requirement that i dont know if it is be possible.
I could do different reports for this case however i would like to know if there is a way to let the user toggle the pareto option in a category chart.

Cheers !

I would make a script datasource with with both (or modifiable as needed) queries inside the script.

the problem is not the data, i would like to toggle the pareto option in the category chart on and off. (there is a checkbox for that)
one possible solution would be playing with the visibility ie. if the usser toggles the button i disable the visibility in one report viewer where the pareto is always on and show another where the pareto is always off.
however i wonder if there is any other way to access the pareto checkbox inside a category chart

Gotcha. Apologies for misunderstanding your question.

Go to the properties tab of the chart, right-click on 'Pareto', then pick 'Use Dynamic data key'.