Report Designer- Dynamics

Hey guys,
I figuerd I’d try here before calling in.
Is it even possible to have, theoreticly, unlimited LINE CHARTS opened dynamicly with a short period of time, based on data being queried from 2 db tables, thus creating new pages depending on the amount of data selected? I know the table tool will “grow” and add additional pages easy, but I imagine, adding line charts would be a different can of worms.

Im mainly trying to have a temperature trend be visualy associated with a heat#, on the report, within a manualy selected time.

Any thought would be much appreciated!

Basically what you want to do is create a dataset for your report that contains datasets. You can then place a chart in a table component on the report and it’ll generate one chart per row.

I created and attached a window that does a basic proof-of-concept so you can see what I mean. Hope it’s helpful, talk to you later
Dynamic Report_2012-11-07_1615.proj (43 KB)

Hi Michael,
Do you mind sharing the project file “Dynamic Report_2012-11-07_1615.proj” that you referred above? I am also looking for similar functionality in report designer?