Report designer Edit Text colors

Ignition 7.8.0 b2015101414
Gateway Java 1.8.0_65 on Win Server 2012R2
Designer Java 1.8.0_66 on Windows 7

In the Report Designer, I have a header with a dark-on-light theme. My text boxes all have white for the text color. In the Edit Text tab of the Property Inspector, the text obeys the text color property but not the background color property, meaning I have white text on a white background (so invisible). I think I’d vote for making the Edit Text box ignore formatting, but it would also work to make it obey the background fill / color properties.

If you click over to the regular properties tab, you can see (and edit) the text with no formatting.

I’ll make a note that having the background color in the rich text editor would be a nice addition.