Report Designer GS1-128 Barcodes

In the Vision report designer, is there any way to make the barcode component GS1 compliant? If I try and put FNC1 at the beginning of the barcode data the component says Invalid Data. FNC1 at the end of variable length application identifiers also does not work.

You mention both Vision and reporting, so I’m not sure which one you meant, but I believe both are backed by the same open-source library, which has some escape characters mentioned here:

The equivalent text representations would be:

    private static final char ESCAPE_FNC_1 = 'ñ';
    private static final char ESCAPE_FNC_2 = 'ò';
    private static final char ESCAPE_FNC_3 = 'ó';
    private static final char ESCAPE_FNC_4 = 'ô';

They appear to be incorrectly reflected in the text output, but I believe the actual barcode is correct:

Awesome, that worked! Thank you very much, I could not figure out which character to put at the start of the barcode but this worked great:

SELECT *, 'ñ' + '01' + GTIN + '11' + PODate + '10' + SBDate as BarcodeData

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I was able to get the barcode scanning correctly but the human readable still shows the 'ñ'. Can I ask how you overcame this?

I turned off the human readable on the barcode component and just put a text component underneath that built out the same message WITHOUT the special character in front.

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Thank you. After messing with it for a while - I determined this was likely what you did. Thanks for confirming.