Report designer issue -

I am having a similar issue to the “Report Designer hanging up in reporting” issue with a twist… The issue started happening after our upgrade to 7.8 and continues to be a problem in 7.8.1. Occasionally, the designer will “lock” while editing a report and will not allow the user to open either windows or the production model - though the icons on the project browser appear to indicate that the window or production item are open. Now for the twist - this also occasionally occurs when the production model is being modified - it won’t let the user open windows or reports after an item in the production tree is open… and occasionally the designer won’t allow the production model or reporting module to be accessed at all, even right after the designer is opened. This is not 100% repeatable, but the issue is not limited to the reporting module.

Current versions loaded:
Ignition - 7.8.1
Production - 1.8.1
OEE Downtime - 1.8.1
Reporting - 3.8.1
Vision - 8.8.1

Java - 1.8.0_73

Thanks for any assistance in advance!

While Ignition 7.8.0 does not work perfectly with the newest Java update, i had to install Ignition 7.8.1.
On the Ignition 7.8.1 reporting module I had a Malformed format string “#0,##” error.
I found on a other topic that the solution would be upgrading the reporting module to 7.8.2-beta.
But in this version i got another error and I could not open the reporting module in the designer (same as dstauft).
Any suggestions how to get Ignition working with the newest Java update and with a working reporting module? Thanks in advance

Topic link: … ing#p55742

This problem is fixed now in Ignition 7.8.2

Glad to hear it!