Report Designer - Multiple Tables

In a report, we have four tables. Each table summarizes production by part#. Is there a way to cascade the tables so they won’t run over thefollowing table. Currently if the data to be displayed extends the table beyond where the next table is located in the report, the first table mixes with the next table, instead of the next table moving down and starting when the previous table ends. I.e. - the tables overlap each other. We looked at the grouping function, but that combines information between tables, which is not what is desired. We want the table information to remain seperate.

Yes, there is a way to make them cascade by using a feature called “Table Groups.” Once you have a table in the report you can click on a button to the bottom right (once selected) to turn the table into a table group. Then you will be able to add multiple peer tables that are the same name as the other datasets. We will display the datasets from top to bottom. If the first dataset takes 4 pages the next one will be after that. You can click on each dataset in the table group to configure the header, details and summary rows.

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This worked well. Thanks. The UM for the Reporting module is somewhat lacking. Thanks for your input.